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The Blue Hole

Posted by on March 12, 2011

Blue Hole #2

Yeah… all this heavy rain has made me waterfall crazy lately!

I only had a couple hours of daylight left after work, so I decided to drive to the Blue Hole in Stoney Creek to check out some of the most beautiful falls in the area.  This place is always a nice spot to visit, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to hike.  It’s a series of four very scenic waterfalls located on the southern base of Holston Mountain just off of Highway 91, and you can basically drive right up to it.  I particularly enjoy the Blue Hole because the waterfalls are so unique and photogenic.  I would think this series of falls are some of the most photographed in the region.

This was the most water flow that I’ve seen at the Blue Hole in all of my numerous visits:

Blue Hole #1

Blue Hole #3

Also check out Mark Peacocks recent photographs at this beautiful location… his work is awesome.

Note:  I didn’t photograph the 4th waterfall on this visit, however I did rate it (see waterfall ratings in the Hike Planner).




Great place for beginning hikers, photographers, sight-seers, and a good place to visit if you don’t have much to time to hike.  Kids can visit here too, but keep an eye on them.  There are numerous cliffs and dangerous areas.


Four waterfalls.


From Elizabethton, get on Highway 91 toward Stoney Creek.  Proceed ~10 miles and take a left on Panhandle Road.  You will see a brown “Blue Hole” sign pointing the direction.  Continue for another mile to a graveled parking area on your left.


This is a very short hike.  From the parking area, you’ll see an old road going down the hill toward the right  Just walk down this road and it will bring you to the stream.  Continue downstream to view all the waterfalls.

Gear & Tips:


0.2 miles.


<1 hour

Out & Back.

Rating (1-5):

1.0 – No elevated mountain views

Rating (based on a 1-50 scale):

Blue Hole #1: H(2) + F(5) + V(3) + W(1) + G(3+4+8) = 26

Blue Hole #2: H(2) + F(5) + V(3) + W(1) + G(5+4+10) = 30

Blue Hole #3: H(3) + F(5) + V(2) + W(1) + G(5+4+5) = 25

Blue Hole #4: H(2) + F(5) + V(2) + W(1) + G(1+4+2) = 17

Blue Hole Combined: H(7) + F(5) + V(4) + W(1) + G(5+4+9) = 35


One or two (easy to moderate), but not required unless you wish to explore.

Only steep steps and steep banks.

This is usually a very wet, slippery place.  Take precautions around the cliffs and drop-offs.  Keep a close eye on children.  The steps leading down to the base of the falls are very steep and can be slick.




Appalachian Treks




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