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July 4th, 2009 Here's a little history:  Shannon and I took a brief hiatus from our marriage a few years ago.  We've been back together and very happy for quite some time, but we were yet to get remarried.  So, we decided to make it official and renew our marriage right on the Appalachian Trail at the Beauty Spot overlook near Erwin, Tennessee.  Since we have a great love for hiking and the A.T., we felt it would be appropriate for it to serve as our "aisle" and location for our special day.  Our daughter Taylor was Shannon's Maid of Honor. And Campbell our son walked her down the aisle, while also doubling as my best man.      


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Taylor - Maid of Honor

  Campbell Walking Shannon Down the Trail/Aisle
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Rev. Tom Edwards Officiated the Service   Saying Vows
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Kiss   Right After the Ceremony

We had great weather, and we were also thankful for Pastor Tom Edwards to make the drive all the way from southwest Virginia to officiate the ceremony along with our other close family and friends.  Kelly Mullins used my camera and took many of the photos seen on this page.   Thank you Kelly.  Alice Taylor made the beautiful bouquets seen in the photos along with having our reception at her house.  Her husband Mike Taylor also drove with me to the location ahead of time and helped me carry and decorate the arbor and plants.  We also picked wildflowers and made the boutonnières right on the spot.  It's wonderful to have such good friends.    

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Portrait After the Ceremony   Shannon With Campbell
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My Beautiful Bride at Beauty Spot

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Shannon and Bill   Taylor and Shannon

Following the ceremony, I took a few pictures of everyone.  And then we packed up and headed to Mike and Alice's house for the reception, which was so nice and beautiful.  We ended our great day by watching the fireworks celebration in Johnson City.  I consider myself a very lucky man!

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Taylor   Shannon on the Appalachian Trail
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Smiles   Shannon
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