Watauga Dam Road to Watauga Lake Shelter

March 28th - Shannon, Campbell, Tucker and I went out on our normal Wednesday evening hike to finish up a small section of the A.T. from Watauga Dam Road to the Dam. This would have been only a 2.6 mile hike, but we decided to keep going to Watauga Lake Shelter before we turned around, which made the hike into a moderate 4.8 miler.     


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Campbell on Top of Watauga Dam

The Highest Earthen Dam in the Eastern U.S.

Bill Rests on a Rock Overlooking the Dam

This was our third time on the dam this year, but our two previous hikes were from the Shook Branch direction, so this finished up the entire segment between the two roads (Highway 321 and Watauga Dam Road).  Tucker, the most out-of-shape dog in Tennessee, slowed us up a bit from time to time, but he did well as we hustled back up the trail as the rain started to threaten.  Campbell did great too and took our minds off the more difficult sections of the trail with stories of his latest computer games. 


This is a very nice, moderate hike and has some wonderful views of the lake and surrounding mountains, not to mention crossing directly over the dam.           


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Shannon and Tucker